Our AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital
in Chicago

South Loop Animal Hospital has been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association since 2010, and we continue to meet their standards upon each re-evaluation. AAHA is the only organization that accredits animal hospitals and holds them to higher standards. Unlike human hospitals, animal hospitals do not require accreditation, meaning standards can be all over the chart. Only about 15% of animal hospitals have attained accreditation within the US and Canada, so that makes us pretty special! We’re proud to maintain this higher standard for our clients and their pets—because we believe you deserve only the best.

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AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital in Chicago, IL

What AAHA Accreditation Takes

In order to become an AAHA accredited hospital, the practice must meet the rigorous standards set by AAHA. They evaluate veterinary hospitals at every level including cleanliness, administration and management, and of course the quality of care for each facet of veterinary medicine such as surgical procedures, dentistry, anesthesia, pain management, and more. As an owner, all these details and standards mean that you can trust us to take the best care of your companion, no matter what their condition.

Ongoing Assessments

To maintain our status as an AAHA accredited hospital, we need to not only meet these standards once but continue to strive for them. Every 3 years, we undergo a new evaluation by AAHA and so far, we've always hit the mark. At our most recent test, we passed with three perfect scores and eight near-perfect scores in our assessment categories. Our exceptional hospital teamwork, detailed operation protocols, cleanliness, and overall standards of excellence were noted by the AAHA evaluator. And we couldn’t have been prouder.

You can be sure that we’ll continue to improve and strive for perfect marks across the board, so we can give all your furry family members the very best in veterinary care.

Book an appointment for your pet by calling (312) 753-5551 or use the online form!