Our Cat Friendly Animal Hospital in Chicago

At South Loop Animal Hospital, we take every patient’s experience to heart. We want every two and four-legged guest who walks through our doors to feel at ease and welcome. However, our feline friends often have the hardest time, and so need a bit of extra care. Often the stress of the journey, unfamiliar surroundings, and the presence of other animals all add up to make your cat anxious and fearful. In an effort to make ourselves more accessible to cats and their owners, we took strides to earn certification as a Cat Friendly Practice.

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Cat Friendly Practice in Chicago, IL

The Cat Friendly Practice Program

The Cat Friendly Practice program was established by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. Its aim is to raise the standard of care for feline patients by reducing stress at the clinic for cats and their owners. An animal hospital can implement cat friendly practices in a variety of ways to meet the AAFP’s certification standards, and we cover a wide range of them to ensure the comfort and safety of all our feline patients.

Our cat friendly practices

We strive to give each cat and their human a great veterinary experience, and it all starts the moment you walk through our doors. Cat families wait in a separate lobby away from other pets who are often noisier and more boisterous. Additionally, we have separate exam rooms that are void of dog smells and sounds to help put your cat at ease throughout their appointment. At SLAH, all of our staff have gone through Cat Friendly Practice training, which helps them better understand feline behavior, signs of distress, and calming tactics. Every measure is taken to ensure you and your cat have a positive experience.

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Happy cat at our animal hospital