Going Deeper into Pet Health with Diagnostics

Your pet’s health can’t be entirely assessed with only a physical exam—there’s more beneath the surface! Regular blood work and diagnostic screenings help us track your pet’s internal health so we can recognize when those numbers fluctuate, which could signal an illness. At South Loop Animal Hospital, we’re able to perform most pet diagnostics tests right here in-house and get the results back in a matter of minutes.

Pet Diagnostics in Chicago: Technician Examines Specimen Under Microscope

Our diagnostic capabilities

Our in-house laboratory has a wide range of testing capabilities. While we can always run a test in-house, sometimes for the sake of time and accuracy, we’ll send tests out to an external lab. We'll typically receive results back in a day or so. Generally, some routine screenings will include the following:

  • Bloodwork – CBC (complete blood count), electrolyte levels, protein levels, and more
  • Fecal testing – for internal parasites
  • Urinalysis – to analyze kidney function and glucose levels
  • Cytology – analyzing skin samples for infection or other abnormalities
  • Biopsy testing – to examine tissue for disease

X-ray Imaging

While physical examinations and pet diagnostics screenings can answer a lot of questions about your pet’s health, sometimes we require X-ray vision to see just what’s going on inside. Luckily, we have that power. Our digital X-ray technology uses substantially less radiation than traditional X-ray machines and produces imagery lightning-quick. X-rays are typically useful in analyzing the skeletal structure for breaks and fractures as well as locating any foreign bodies. It can even be used to diagnose some heart problems as well.

Pet Diagnostics in Chicago: Technicians Give Dog Ultrasound

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound is another useful tool in looking beyond the surface. It sends sound waves to create a live image of your pet’s internal workings. While X-ray gives us a detailed static image, ultrasound lets us see your pet’s joints, organs, and tissue all in motion. Ultrasound imaging helps us diagnose causes of abdominal issues such as kidney stones or bladder stones, check the function of joints, and much more.

If you’re curious about more of our diagnostic capabilities and how they help us help your pet, get in contact!


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