Veterinarian Greektown, Chicago, IL

South Loop Animal Hospital is an AAHA-accredited and certified Cat Friendly veterinarian near Greektown, Chicago, IL that offers clife-long care to your four-legged best friends. Since 2009, we have provided personalized, progressive medicine for every patient and a kind, low-stress approach to their care. Our animal hospital is designed to meet your pet’s needs and make vet visits an enjoyable experience for them. We offer all sorts of veterinary services to enhance our patients’ quality of life and assist with increasing their lifespan, including wellness exams, vaccinations, laboratory diagnostics, surgery, dentistry, and pet pain relief.

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cat with veterinarian greektown, chicago, il

Benefits of Being Certified Cat Friendly

As a certified Cat Friendly Practice, we know all about providing your cat with the best care and making their routine vet visits more enjoyable. Our animal hospital near Greektown, Chicago, IL, underwent certification in order to help more felines get the personalized treatment they need, and improve their well-being by minimizing stress in a not-so-familiar environment. We hope that by making visits easier for cats, they’ll feel less anxiety and their owners will be more confident about making their routine appointments.

We like to encourage cat owners to commit to annual exams for them, because cats are sneaky when it comes to hiding illness and pain. Cats are resilient and can adapt to many challenges, but, just like with you, we think they deserve to have the best life possible.

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